“Your lucky enough to be different, never change

HI, my name is Caitlin, I am 19 years old and I live in Canada.
My tumblr is filled with the things I love most, nail polish, dogs, 1D and most of all Taylor Swift!!

Great! We don’t need relationships to make us happy. Romance and relationships don’t have to go hand-in-hand. You can get romantic about a lot of things. I saw that pumpkin spice lattes were coming back early and I was like [pumps fist] YES!
— Taylor Swift to a fan (x)

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I think my life has changed in ways that have surprised me. You know, deciding to spend my time in New York, cutting my hair, becoming all of a sudden surrounded by this great group of strong, beautiful, smart women who challenge me and push me forward. Those are all changes in my life, and you know, I think with this album, I try not to do anything too overtly, like yes my life is consisting of priority on friends right now, but I dont have any song that’s like, Best Friends Anthem!, like I really am trying to put these messages across subtlety and tell stories where kind of those aspects of my life are felt rather than kind of said to you.
— Taylor Swift on writing about friendship on “1989” (x)

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